Welcome to Tiny Tanks!

Tiny Tanks is a multiplayer game, for up to eight players at once. Fight in arenas made of pencils and pens, and destroy your opponents before they kill you!

Battle your friends or anyone from anywhere in the world in last man standing or team based matches. Tiny Tanks is a game of strategy as well as raw skill, make clever shots by bouncing your bullets off objects to hit your enemies from behind cover!

Get kills and win games to level up and earn coins to buy upgraded tank parts! Create your own unique tank from the parts you have unlocked and give yourself an edge over your friends.

Use the in-game level editor to easily create your own arenas, and then go to war on them! Play on hundreds of custom arenas created by the community, and upload your own for others to play on.

Practice your skills offline by playing through the single player campaign, or set up a game against up to seven computer controlled AI bots. Bots can even fight on your own custom arenas!

Tiny Tanks is being constantly updated with new features and improvements, so check back often! And most of all - have fun!

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Fri 27-May-2016

24 new skins!

Today 24 new skins were added into the game. Also a minor balance adjustment, the Humma tank body had its weight reduced from +40% to +34%.
Sat 12-Mar-2016

Working on a fix for the crashing

The latest update to Flash Player has created a bug which causes the game to crash after exiting a match. Nice one Adobe! I'm working on finding a fix.
Mon 07-Sep-2015

New game settings and balance adjustment

There are now 3 new settings, which can be applied to any or all tank colors. 1) Not being able to shoot, 2) Juggernaut, which makes your tank bigger, with more health and ammo, and 3) Drift, which makes tanks faster, less sideways friction, and they can pass through other tanks. Also the safety barrel is now the default barrel, and new accounts will start with it unlocked. There have been some small changes to some of the tank parts, to encourage them to be used more. The Humma weight has been reduced from +45% to +40%. The Shield power up only shields for 2.5s, down from 3.0s. Autoloader reload time is slower, from 35% faster to 25% faster, and the Nanotube fires bullets 5% slower, instead of 15% slower.
Tue 5-May-2015

Quick play, bug fixes, lag improved

You can now quickly get put into a game automatically by pressing "quick play" on the main menu. Last update introduced a bug which meant the game would just show a pixelated image, this should now be fixed. Also games should be a little bit less laggy.
Tue 28-Apr-2015

Small room list improvements

The room list can now be filtered by game type, and full or passworded rooms can be hidden. Also mouse aiming is now OFF by default.
Wed 29-Oct-14

Friend system

Tiny Tanks now has a simple friend system. Click the star to the left of a players name to add them as a friend. When browsing the list of rooms, rooms which have one of your friends in will be shown in blue at the top of the list. Also the anti chat-flood system is now stricter: each time the message limit is reached, the amount of time you can't send any messages for gets 5 seconds longer.
Tue 28-Oct-14

Spawnkill protection and new explosions

In order to prevent spawnkilling, you are now invulnerable for 1.5 seconds after you respawn. Also added a new tank explosion graphic.
Mon 27-Oct-14

Room list improved

You can now see a list of players in a room, and the map being played, by hovering over the room in the room list.
Mon 4-Nov-2013

Mouse aiming now on by default

Welcome all new players! A few small changes have been made, including setting mouse aiming on by default. You can of course still turn it off.
Thu 26-Sep-2013

Lots of updates!

Over the past few months there have been a huge number of new features, updates, and bug fixes.

New features:


Bug fixes:

And finally some great news, I'm anticipating a huge surge in players in the coming weeks. Give them a warm welcome!

Mon 13-May-2013

Significant performance increase

Released a performance update which greatly reduces CPU load.
Sat 26-Jan-2013

Better custom map browsing

When browsing custom maps you can new view by highest rated this week and this month, in addition to throughout all time. Spawn positions are now also displayed in the preview thumbnail. Also when buying a new item it will automatically be equipped if you're in a game lobby.
Mon 14-Jan-2013

Custom map searching

You can now search for maps by their name or author when browsing custom levels.
Fri 21-Dec-2012

Deathmatch and Capture the Flag!

Two new game modes have been added. In deathmatch you will respawn a few seconds after being killed, and the winner is the player or team who reaches the kill limit first. Capture the flag is self explanatory, get into the enemy teams base, get their flag and return it to your own base!

A few other bug fixes and improvements have been made, such as the game list displaying the type of aiming being used.

Tue 30-Oct-2012

Few bugs fixed

Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the game to crash, and a bug that caused your time trial medal to be incorrectly displayed.
Mon 24-Sep-2012

The shop is live!

All items have now been locked and must be purchased with coins. If you've been playing during the shop beta you can use the coins you've already earned to buy a few things and get a head start.

A few other small updates, if you're in the tank shop within a game lobby, your ready status will be set as a red cross to indicate you're not ready, and also fixed a rare bug that would cause you to die with health still remaining.

Wed 19-Sep-2012

New website!

The website has had a much needed redesign. There are also now live statistics and a weekly leaderboard based on kills. Get yourself to the top!
Thu 13-Sep-2012

Tank upgrades

Upgrades are now live! Your tank can be upgraded and customised to your liking. There are 9 new tank parts across three part slots - body, turret and barrel. Each part has a strength and a weakness, pick and match different parts to create your own tank!

For a short period of time all parts will be unlocked and accessible to everyone! This is so that some raw data can be collected on their effectiveness, and their stats can be balanced.

Afterwards, parts will have to be unlocked in exchange for coins. Coins are earned by getting kills, and by levelling up.

Thu 12-Jul-2012

Bigger games, bots, level sharing!

The game now includes computer controlled players, of varying difficulty. They can play alongside human players in multiplayer games.

There's also a single player campaign against these bots, in matches that gradually increase in difficulty.

The level editor has been a great success and adds a lot of replayability. Until recently you could only play on custom levels that the lobby host had created himself. Now, you can easily upload your creations for the whole community to play on and rate! So far more than 200 custom levels have been uploaded!

Finally, the maximum number of players in a single game has been raised from 4 to 8. There are also a number of small improvements, such as the ability for a lobby host to kick players, and many bug fixes.

Tue 20-Dec-2011

Level editor online!

Today the level editor was added to the game and is accessible from the main menu. It's fairly straight forward to use, and the in game help explains exactly how to use the editor.

When you save a map it is saved locally to your computer, and you can select it when you are hosting a game. Soon there'll be the ability to upload your creations to a central database of maps which anyone can play and rate.

Other updates include:

Wed 09-Nov-2011

Fixed the crash

Fixed a serious error introduced in the latest update causing the game to crash after the second round.

Mon 07-Nov-2011

User accounts and mouse aiming

A significant update has been released, the two biggest changes being user accounts and the addition of aiming with the mouse.

Getting an account means all of your statistics are tracked and can be compared with other players. The only things needed to set up an account are your chosen username and password. Achievements and global leaderboards for kills, round wins etc will be added soon.

Getting an account is optional, you can play as a guest to get right into it.

The option to aim with the mouse has also been added. This means your tanks turret will aim independently of your tank, directly at your mouse. Your tanks direction is controlled the same as before.

Other smaller updates:

Wed 19-Oct-2011

Tank damage and small improvements

Fri 14-Oct-2011

Minor improvements and a new map!

The quality of each players connection is now shown in the lobby. 5 bars is a ping under 100ms, 4 bars is 100 to 200ms, 3 bars is 200 to 300ms, 2 bars is 300ms to 400ms, and 1 bar is anything over 400ms. The server browser has been improved slightly, with more games visible, and a new large map has been added.

Tue 11-Oct-2011

Room passwords

All game rooms can now set a password so only players that know the password can join.

Sun 15-Aug-2011

Trailer complete

The first version of the trailer has been completed.