Welcome to Project GunGame

GunGame is a multiplayer game, with elements of both combat and co-operative world building. Create infinitely large levels with your friends and then blow them to smithereens!

Battle your friends or anyone from anywhere in the world in free for all, team deathmatch, or capture the flag battles. Use your jetpack to fly all across the level, and position yourself for a strategic advantage.

Earn XP, level up, and unlock almost 30 unique items. Customise the look of your character and stand out from your friends.

Use the in-game level editor to easily create your own levels as you play with your friends. Play on thousands of custom levels created by the community, and upload your own for others to play on.

Using the in game jukebox you and everyone in your game can listen to any song on YouTube together.

Project GunGame is being constantly updated with new features and improvements, so check back often! And most of all - have fun!



Players online: 1

Maps created: 177543

Accounts made: 182346


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